Why is My Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Not Working?

Most auto-darkening helmets arrive completely built. However, you should adjust the appropriate helmet before usage. Check that the battery is in excellent working order and properly placed.

We purchase auto-darkening helmets to protect our eyes, face, and head from dangerous radiation, sparks, and dust. So after buying your desired welding helmet as your budget and satisfaction, you should also take proper care of it.

After using your own welding helmet, you may face a problem, and look for “Why is my auto darkening welding helmet not working?” It’s an ordinary problem of welding helmet users. But don’t be tense; in this article, we’ll share some common problems and solutions.

Why is My Auto-darkening Welding Helmet Not Working?

Like any tool, there may come a time when your helmet doesn’t work or disfunction. It can cause eye pain or strain which can cause serious health concerns. So, know the problems to prevent them from happening along with solutions.

Problem: Poor vision

Are you wondering when you face a lack of visibility? It could be any time while using a helmet. Even if you’re wearing a helmet, you can’t see anything. Just relax.

Solution: Clean carefully

This is a widespread but ordinary problem. If your vision is impaired and you don’t see what’s in front of you, it means the helmet is dusty.

Take time to clean the helmet with the lens thoroughly. If that too doesn’t work, the lens may be damaged, and it may not help as it should. You should change your lens. 

Problem: Too dark

If you use your welding helmet regularly, it’s a good way to check your helmet at once every time you are in the sunlight.

When you look at the sun, you can see that your welding helmet has darkened very quickly. However, it may be due to a faulty battery. But it is easy to solve.

Solution: Adjust the Sensitivity

Changing the battery can be your last resort, but before changing the battery, you should check the controls on the inside and exterior of your helmet. 

Problem: Not adjusting well

Sometimes, your welding helmet doesn’t adjust right. This can be annoying and frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of casting.

Solution: Tighten it

Adjusting the helmet can do the magic. To do so, simply tighten the helmet. Once you’re done, put on your helmet and continue welding. If you still feel loose and shaky, you should consider buying a new welding helmet.

Problem: Narrow Field of View

Nothing is more frustrating than having good eyesight yet being unable to see your joints. Besides, sometimes you’ll need a bit extra-wide view, so you don’t have to continually twist your head or body, just stare at the border of your joint.

Solution: Choose a Wide Lens

This is a simple repair in many circumstances. For each welding helmet, most manufacturers provide a range of lenses. 

As a result, you may invest in a wide-angle lens. You can get a clearer perspective of what you’re doing without twisting your body or head after it’s fitted.

Problem: Welding Seems too Bright

When you start with more advanced welding, the welding will flash bright rays. It can be disturbing and frightening for multiple reasons. And sometimes, you feel your weld is too bright, which creates problems with your vision. 

Solution: Use a Darker Shade

Though extreme brightness is completely normal for advanced-grade welds, most people go through the wrong shades. 

Although it’s advised that each welder use the darker colors available, most welders use a lighter shade to maximize visibility. These are good for newbie welders. But, once you start practicing advanced strong welding, the shade you use is essential to you.

Problem: Eyestrain

Another concern is the eye strain caused by the helmet, which doesn’t darken fast enough. Actually, we know of an eye fatigue problem focusing on changing the old weld helmet and getting a new one. But fortunately, it does not usually happen.

Solution: Reduce the Response Time

If you have eye strain, it’s most likely due to your welding helmet’s response time settings being too fast. Your helmet reacts slowly when the response time is long. In other words, it’ll darken more slowly.

Getting a quick response, you must fix the speed first. Of course, this is only a suggested reaction speed. You can adjust your reaction time by decreasing the speed or a little bit faster.

Problem: Flickr

One of the most concerning things, auto-darkening welding helmets, is flickering. It’s the most disturbing thing for welders. It happened to them who won the battery-powered helmet.

Solution: Battery Replacement

If your auto-darkening helmet flashes, you can fix it. Some helmets are solar-powered. You can fix it by placing the helmet outdoors in the sunlight for at least four hours. 

If your helmet flickers and you have a battery replacement option, you can buy a new one because a simple battery replacement can solve this problem. 

Problem: Welder Helmet’s Flash

Finally, after finishing your job, you’ll wake up and be unable to open your eyes. This will indicate that you’re suffering from flash burns. 

The problem generally occurs when your auto-dark welding helmet fails to protect you from the welding torch’s intense and bright glare. More precisely, if the sensors on the helmet don’t work, you’ll most likely have this sort of issue. You feel typical if you work outside or in bright environments. An arc of flash eyeballs will appear even if you wear a white shirt.

Solution: Avoid Going Out During the Day

Welding outside in daylight isn’t wise because it increases the risk of an arc eye, also known as welder’s flash. This is because using a helmet when the sun comes out delays the response for a few milliseconds. So it’d be better to work indoors or in a dark place.

Final word

We’ve tried almost all the problems’ solutions that have already been mentioned above. Hopefully, our suggestions are useful, and as you know, the answer to “why is my auto-darkening welding helmet not working?”, you don’t need to be afraid anymore.

So, when you face any problem with your darkening weld, start fixing and enjoy working with your dear weld helmet.

Have a good day!

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