Can You Run a Stick Welder On a Generator?

The generator is the most popular alternative source of electricity. In construction sites or production plants, a generator is a mandatory tool. A Stick welder, on the other hand, is a handy tool for welding. Can you run a stick welder on a generator? 

To answer the question, it’s a yes and also a no. Yes, you can run the stick welder if the generator is compatible with the welder. No, you cannot run the stick welder with an inefficient generator. The result can be dangerous. 

So, what will be the solution? A clear understanding of the generator’s compatibility with a stick welder. It will solve your problem. To get the knowledge on how to match a generator and stick welder, keep reading. 

What Is a Stick Welder? 

Welder is to weld materials. Stick welders are used for welding metal pieces. With the proper implication of heat and pressure through electric flow, a welder welds metal. 

Shielded metal arc welder is the real name of stick welder. If you are new to welding, this is going to be your best friend in joining metal pieces. A Stick welder is run by functioning the electric flow and turning it into heat. 

It implies that the source of electricity should be stable and sufficient for welding with a stick welder. A generator, on the other hand, is a mobile source of electricity. There are DC and AC generators, and the stick welder requires direct electricity flow. 

As stick welding is the use of consistent and powerful electricity flow, the source of power must be consistent and powerful for getting the optimal result. Do you understand now?

Running a stick welder is possible and safe only when there is a nearby source of consistent and powerful electricity. Now, can you run a stick welder on a generator? And, which will be the right one? 

To get the answer, let’s have a look at the function of a generator. 

How Does a Generator Work?

The generator simply generates electricity. And, to generate electricity, it transforms the mechanical energy into electricity. Based on the generator’s type, the electric flow can vary between AC and DC. 

To produce mechanical energy, the generator uses fuel. Gasoline or petroleum fuels are generally the sources of producing mechanical energy. The generated mechanical energy is converted to electricity. This is the simple functioning process of a generator. As we know how a generator works, let’s put some implications of using a generator.

A heavy-duty generator is the main power source for production sites, construction sites, and other heavy works. On the other hand, less powerful ones are capable of supplying electricity in a small amount. 

The usability of a generator differs according to its power generation capability. AC generators are less powerful and produce enough electricity for small equipment. If you are going to run a tool that requires high electric flow, such as a welder, you need a powerful generator with the highest consistency. 

Can You Run a Stick Welder on Generator?

Now, we have sufficient information about a stick welder and a generator; it is time to return to our core search. Is it possible to run a stick welder on the generator, and how is that? 

Yes. As we said earlier, it is very much possible, and plenty of construction sites are plugging in a stick welder to a generator. 

The specification of a generator must meet the requirement of a stick welder for this purpose. Firstly, identify the output wattage of the generator. Secondly, look for the input wattage of your stick welder. Are they matching? If yes, you are good to go! 

As simple as that. But, do it carefully. Otherwise, low generator output may damage the internal mechanical tools of your stick welder. 

How to Determine the Right Generator for A Stick Welder?

To determine the right generator, we have briefly stated earlier. Wattage is the key factor to determine whether a generator is the right one for the stick welder or not. Now, let’s see the process of determining generators for your stick welder. 

  • Complete a full inspection of your generator. If it is a DC generator, it will generate consistent electricity. In terms of AC generators, make sure that it has no mechanical fault. 
  • Keep looking for the required wattage of your stick welder. You’ll see two things on your stick welder sticker. Most of the stick welders require 6000 watts. 
  • Find the generator’s sizes. If the output is 7KVA, it is less recommended. You can run only the stick welder with it. Nothing else. The most recommended one for a stick welder of 6000 watts is a 13KVA generator. 
  • Plug the stick welder into an 8 to 13 KVA DC generator to get the best result in stick welding.

The performance will remain consistent if you follow the determining process. Otherwise, you may face trouble welding, and the stick welder may get damaged after a while. 

Tips for Running Stick Welder on Generator

  • Always keep the generator fuel tank filled with getting the best result. 
  • Turning off other equipment during welding is highly recommended. For optimal performance and effective results, these tips will help a lot. 
  • In high altitudes, such as towers and buildings, the compatibility of a generator will vary. The stick welder will require more power, and you must ensure a higher output generator. 
  • Read the entire safety instructions whenever you are going to weld with a stick welder using a generator. The manufacturer’s instruction is the main thing to follow in this respect. 

Final Thoughts

Simply, plugging in the stick welder to a generator and welding requires matching compatibility. If you focus on the above guidelines, you have the necessary knowledge in this regard. To answer the question, “Can you run a stick welder on a generator?” match the compatibility of the stick welder’s input and generator’s output. And, you are all set for welding with the generator.

Follow instructions and safety tips in the article to weld perfectly. It will gear up to you for a better welding experience. 

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