Best Welding Rod For Mild Steel 2022 – (Top 5 Picks)

Generally, welder rods are used for repairing or construction projects. As a beginner, it can be pretty challenging to find the best welding rod for mild steel since there’re hundreds of brands available in the market claiming themselves as the best manufacturer.

But don’t worry, we got your back. To find the best piece, you must know what features you should look for while choosing welding electrode rods.

In the following discussion, we’ll provide you with a buying guide and the top 5 welding rod choices so that you can pick one quickly in an emergency. So let’s dive in!

1-Minute Quick Review

●      Editor’s Choice: Forney 30705 E7018 Welding Rod

“Forney is suitable for welding in all positions and made of durable and high-quality materials.

●      Best Versatile Electrode Rod: Hobart 770462 6011 Stick

“It can weld through rust, paint, and light to medium measured soil pretty efficiently.”

●      Best Welding Rod For Carbon Steel: Hobart 770469 6013 Stick

“These electrodes are ideal for all-purpose application and join poor fit-up metals.”

●      Best High Deposition Welding Rod: Hobart 770465 7014 Stick

“If you want a high deposition rate and low penetration, this Hobart 770465 7014 Stick is what you need.”

●      Best All Positions And Tacking Welder Rod: Hobart 770479 7018 Stick

“If you want a welder rod with all position welding and tacking, then you can go for this welding rod.”

Top 5 Best Welding Rod For Mild Steel 2022

Here are the five best welding rod choices for you. Take a look and pick one that suits you the best.

1. Forney E7018 Welding Rod


Special Features

  • Low hydrogen rod.
  • DC+AC Useable.
  • Capacity, ‎70,000 Tensile strength.
  • Material, Mild Steel.
  • Warranty, 90 day.

This welding rod for mild steel is popular among experienced welders. The Forney 30705 E7018 Welding rod is ideal for welding in any position.

It’s because this stick welding rod generates precise and sturdy welds that make it appropriate for use to construct bridges, shopping malls, high-rise buildings, and dams.

Besides, this welding rod is manufactured with high-quality and durable materials and contains mild steel, low alloy, and low hydrogen. You can also use these rods for structural welding since low hydrogen can prevent cracking or peeling.

These stick electrodes contain thick flux powder that makes them easier to handle while joining thick metals. The powder promotes filler metal flow and soaks oxides produced by heating.

It also supplies low-medium penetration and has stable arc muffle noise, which is another excellent feature. Forney welding rods operate greatly with machines that support AC/DC+ and DCEP polarity.

During welding, these electrodes can white-sand high-stress level as it comes with 70000 PSI tensile strength. Plus, you can use these welding rods for galvanized tanks, casting steels, and pressure pipes without any doubt.


  • Thick flux powder makes it more user-friendly.
  • Convenient to make rolls of cold steel.
  • Support alternating and both direct currents.
  • Generate smooth and robust weld.
  • Ideal for all welding positions.


  • Not suitable to use on low exposed circuit voltage.
  • If mishandled, it can oxidize.

2. Hobart 6011 Welding Rod


Special Features

  • All-purpose.
  • 60,000 Psi Tensile Strength.
  • It runs on AC or reverses polarity.
  • High Quality Product.

The Hobart 770462 6011 welding stick is a versatile electrode to use when you’re welding in your garage or any repairing project. It’s a strong and powerful stick that comes with 60000 psi tensile strength to weld metal like steel and carbon.

These Hobart 6011 sticks are flexible to work with. You can use these electrodes to weld in all positions, no matter vertical, overhead, flat, or horizontal. Plus, it can also weld in curve materials.

If you need a welding stick for welding through rust, paint, or low to medium measured soil, you can go for the Hobart 770462 6011 stick. All its useful features like low hydrogen and powerful psi make it quick and easy to weld metals.

Using these 6011 welding sticks, you can penetrate and cut material deeper than its previous models from Hobart. You can run these welding sticks almost with any machine that uses an AC supply.

On the other hand, it weighs only 5 pounds which means it’s lightweight and easy to handle. Besides, make sure you wear protective gear while using these electrodes for your projects.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Can be used for all-position welding
  • Suitable for welding through rust, light to gentle soil, and paint
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • It runs on AC or reverses polarity


  • DC power supply isn’t available
  • Not suitable for welding stainless steel

3. Hobart 6013 Welding Rod

Special Features

  • Can be used for all-position welding
  • 60,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • It runs on AC or reverses polarity

The Hobart 770469 6013 stick works great with AC power supply, DCEP (reverse), or DCEN (straight) polarity. It’s ideal for all-purpose applications and building joints with poor fit-up metals.

It comes with 60000 psi tensile strength that can effectively resist heat and slag. You can use these Hobart 6013 welding rods to weld mild steel and carbon steel with a low defect rate, but it isn’t suitable for welding stainless steel materials.

Besides, it allows you to weld in all positions and makes it easier to join poor fit-up metals quickly. This Hobart 770469 6013 stick runs on 70 to 120 amp, and its burning temperature is 180-220° F.

This Hobart stick electrode welding rod for light to medium penetrating comes within $25, which makes it more suitable for experts since it isn’t budget-friendly enough for beginners.


  • Have a 60000 psi tensile strength
  • Can be used with AC power supply and DCEP and DCEN polarity
  • Suitable for all-purpose application
  • Great for welding carbon steel


  • Not suitable for welding stainless steel

4.    Hobart 7014 Welding Rod For Mild Steel

Special Features

  • 70,000 PSI tensile strength.
  • Easy to strike an Arc.
  • Warranty, 1 month parts / 1 month labor.

If you want high deposition while welding, then the Hobart 770465 7014 Stick is your go-to welding electrode. These welding stick electrodes are excellent to use where you need light penetration.

These welding rods are pretty easy to run and leave a smooth bead while welding. It allows you to finish your welding task quickly as it comes with a faster travel speed of 70000 psi tensile strength to weld metals.

The Hobart 770465 7014 stick is compatible to use with DCEP (reverse), DCEN (straight), and AC polarity. That’s what makes these welding rods very versatile to use for numerous welding tasks.

If you want better working performance, we suggest you use these electrodes at higher amps between 130 to 160 amps with your desired machine.

You can also use these versatile sticks for your DIY welding projects. These Hobart 7014 sticks are lightweight and come at a budget-friendly price. This amazing welding rod for mild steel may cost you around $30.


  • Can be used with AC, DCEP, and DCEN welding
  • Easy to strike an Arc
  • Comes with powerful 70000 psi tensile strength
  • Provide high deposition rate


  • Not ideal for welding thick metals.

5. Hobart 7018 Stick Welding Rod

Special Features

  • 70,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Use in all positions on low, medium and high-carbon steels.
  • Runs on AC and DCEP polarity

This one is our last recommendation for the best welding rod for mild steel. The Hobart 770479 7019 stick is a perfect choice for beginners since these rods are pretty easy to burn and don’t require much experience to handle.

You can run these welding rods on both AC and DC power supplies, and it works great within 95 to 110 amps. Regardless of the maximum power supply, these welding rods still provide outstanding burning effects like other high-quality rods.

Apart from the ease of use, these electrodes are suitable for use in all positions. It’s because the Hobart 770479 7018 stick contains low hydrogen electrodes that can be used for welding low, medium, and high carbon steel.

However, these electrodes are expensive, ranging around 45 USD. But these are made of durable material and come with 80 electrodes in one package, which means these electrodes will last longer.


  • Comes with 70000 psi tensile strength
  • Runs on AC and DCEP polarity
  • Ideal for all-purpose welding and tacking


  • Not suitable for low voltage AC welding

Buying Guide For Mild Steel Welding Rod

You should look for certain things in the best welding rod for mild steel. Having said that, the following factors need consideration while buying the welding rod. So let’s take a look.

  • Position

When you want to buy a welding rod, you have to look at whether it’s able to rod in every position or not. Considering this fact, the welder should look at the third rod’s classification. For example, if the third digit is 1, it can weld in all positions.

  • Properties of Base Metal

This is the first thing you should look for. For the optimum service, you should go for the ideal base metal. For example, if you’re looking for base metal for stainless steel, then the perfect material will be stainless steel.

  • Tensile Strength

When choosing an electrode material, it’s important to keep in mind that the electrode’s minimum strength should be the same as the metal base’s. Before making a purchase, verify the electrode’s first two digits for tensile strength to avoid any problems during the welding process.

  • Welding Current

For the correct welding current, check the 4th digit of AWS classification of the welding rod. The rod’s 4th digit will determine the electricity and current type of the rod. Welding current refers to the compatibility of the rod to its source of power.

  • Application

It’s essential that welders have a thorough understanding of the regions to be welded in order to choose the proper electrode. In particular, the hydrogen electrode is required for welding operations performed out under low or high heat settings in order to reduce cracking chances.

People also ask

What is the strongest welding?

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is the most precise and strongest welding. However, depending on the working requirements, MIG or stick welding can be used.

Which mild steel welding rods are the best?

E60 or E70 electrodes can be used while dealing with mild steel. When choosing an electrode, keep in mind the welding location and the power supply. You should remember that some electrodes can only be used with DC or AC, but others can be used with both DC and AC.

Is 7018 a decent mild steel alloy for use?

Carbon steel can be welded at up to 225 amps using the 7018 rods. Generally, the 7018 arc welding rod is often used to weld carbon steel. To prevent contamination of the weld bead, the mild steel rod is covered with a low-hydrogen, iron-based flux mixture that evaporates.

What’s the best way to weld very thin metal?

Thinner metal sheets are tough to work with. Burnout may occur if there’s too much heat. Weld penetration is compromised due to insufficient heat, resulting in brittle joints. Your choice of welding process will have a significant impact on the approach’s success.


In the above discussion, we gave you the top 5 best welding rod for mild steel and a buying guide in case you want to purchase welding rods from different

brands. It’s necessary to consider voltage, tensile strength, input and output power, etc., before choosing welding rods for you.

We choose the Forney 30705 E7018 welding rod as our top pick since it’s affordable, easy to use, suitable for all position applications, supports AC/DC+ and DCEP polarity, and more.

However, choosing the best welding rod for your projects won’t be difficult if you consider all the important factors that we’ve shared.

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