Hobart Handler 125 Vs 140 – Which One Is The Best Welder 2021?

They say, ignorance is bliss. True that, when you don’t know much about welding machines, it turns out to be quite easy to pick a welder from the market. The problem arises when you get to know welders up close and personal. Now, you have to be skeptical and go through a lot of calculations to finally get one for your project.

Most welders nowadays are pretty much interested in some of the well-known brands, even if they don’t come at dirt-cheap price tags. Hobart Handler is one of such widely trusted brands. However, Hobart makes a number of different devices like 125 and 140 that even avid welders fall into a dilemma – which one to go for!   

So, Hobart Handler 125 vs 140 – which one to buy? Let’s compare both and find out!

A Quick Comparison: Hobart Handler 125 Vs 140

Hobart Handler 125 Hobart Handler 140
ImageHobart-Handler-125 Hobart-Handler-140
Manufactured In USA USA
Welder TypeMIG, Flux CoreMIG, Flux Core
Input Voltage110V/115V/120V110V/115V/120V
Amperage25 – 130A25 – 140A
Voltage4 Fixed Positions5 Fixed Positions
Wire Feed SpeedInfiniteInfinite
Weldable MaterialsSteel, Stainless SteelMild steel, stainless, aluminum
Mild Steel Thickness (Single-pass)24 ga (0.8 mm) – 3/16 in24 ga. – 0.25 in.
Wire Thickness.030-.035 in.0.024 – 0.035 in.
Wire Feed Speed88 – 545 IPM40 – 700 IPM
Wire Spool Sizes4-in., 8-in.4-in., 8-in.
Welder Dimensions (H x W x L)19.4 x 10 x 13.5 inches12.375 in. x 10.625 in. x 19.5 in.
Weight69 lbs.57 lbs.
Warranty3 years5/3/1 years
Price Check price Check price

Hobart Handler 125 Welding Machine


Starting with the Hobart Handler 125, this is quite a lightweight welding machine to work with. It’s compact and pretty much easy to handle, too. It gives you the perk of flawless movement around the project area without having to worry about carrying it. You can easily pick it up by its excellently comfortable handle and relocate it.

It brings mobility and simplicity to your tasks. That’s why for faster and easier welding jobs, this one is a common name to chant. Most importantly, the device is optimized for home-based use, so if you are looking for something to work with for your household maintenance or any DIY project, the Hobart Handler 125 is going to be a wise pick.

Features of Hobart Holder 125 Welder

Let’s look at some of the key features of this welder that makes it a standout product from the rest of the welding devices in the market.

Simple Start Up

You don’t need to be an expert to get it started. It’s pretty simple in design and pretty much gives away everything you need to understand how to operate it. There’s a well-explained manual that comes with the device for you to understand the functions even better.

The power on and off button couldn’t be simpler and the two knobs for Amperage and Voltage are quite easy to take care of. So, if you are a new welder and wondering if you could use this device, you can rest assured that it won’t take more than 30 minutes to get the ins and outs of it.

Use Household Power

What’s pretty impressive about the Hobart Handler 125 is its low voltage output system. It’s not entirely meant for industrial or commercial use. You can easily plug it into any standard household output and get it connected. It’s super easy and makes quite a lot of sense as the compact design is aimed at DIY users.

Dual Welding Methods

The welding machine is primarily a MIG welder, but it can also be used as a flux-cored welder. You can weld up to ⅛-inch of steel using the flux-cored wire with absolute precision. Plus, the device comes with a factory-installed Gas solenoid that makes it quite easier for the device to convert from flux-cored to MIG.

Safe to Use

Its built-in contractor is pretty much what you wish every welder had. It makes sure that the wire is not hot until you start to pull the welder trigger. What this means is that you can keep yourself safe until you start the actual welding process.

Four Voltage Control System

Hobart Handler 120 features 4 voltage control systems. You can have access to the voltage control from the front of the device as it can be regulated by a simple knob. Now, apart from the diversity in the voltage system, the device has a self-restarting system which is very effective. It prevents the device from getting overheated. So, it also offers better safety.

Wire Thickness

You can weld from 0.023 to 0.030 inches on solid cables of 0.6 to 0.6mm diameter. This pretty much covers most welders’ requirements, especially if you are working on household DIY tasks.

Carrying Handle

On the top of the welder, you can find a handy handle that can be pushed down on the side when not in use. Whenever you need to carry the device, you simply pop it up and hold it with your palm. It gives you an excellent grip, so it hardly slips from your hand while carrying it.

Hobart Handler Technical Details

  1. Item Weight: 62.9 pounds
  2. Product Dimensions: 19.4 x 10 x 13.5 inches
  3. Item model number: ‎500573
  4. Finish: Steel
  5. Material: Plastic, Metal
  6. Shape: Rectangular
  7. Power Source: ‎Corded Electric
  8. Handle/Lever Placement: Top
  9. Warranty Description: 5-year limited warranty

Advantages of Hobart Handler 125 Welder

  • Really easy and simple to set up
  • Having a 120V output system, it can easily be used with a regular household power output
  • It can be used to weld steel or metal from 24 gauges to 0.1875 inches
  • For mild and thin steel, the power range is 30Amp. For thicker ones, it’s around 130Amp
  • The device can use gas for MIG welding
  • Being lightweight, the device is portable and can be easily transported
  • 20% duty cycle at 90A
  • It comes with an automatic self-start system
  • Up to 4 voltage control options
  • Warranty service available

Disadvantages of Hobart Handler 125 Welder

  • If you are to use gas for MIG welding, you need to buy some accessories like a tank and regulator for pressure.
  • Because of its high amperage, you can’t use a regular standard generator to use it.

Hobart Handler 140 Welding Machine


With a wider amperage range in-built contractor settings for safe application, the Hobart Handler 140 is another ‘let me bet my bucks on’ welding machine in the market. Yes, it’s worth the hype as it comes with some genuine features that welders can make the most of.

Similar to the Hobart Handler 125, the 140 is also a well-suiting device for DIY enthusiasts. As it can be powered by as low as 115V output, it’s definitely going to fit your household power output system. So, you can now take your DIY jobs one step ahead with this one by your side.

Unlike the Hobart 125, the 140 has a 5-position voltage control system. This gives you better control over the voltage supply and lets you ensure the safety of the device even better. Apart from that, the safety features include overheating protection and prevention of motor damage.

Features of Hobart Holder 125 Welder

Now, let’s find out some of the key features of the Hobart Handler 140 and check out if it’s worth your money or not!

Multiple Welding Materials

The Hobart Handler 140 can conveniently weld different types of weldable materials. Precisely speaking, it can weld on thin to thick steel, as well as stainless steel materials. Moreover, it can also perform great welding on aluminum too. It’s evident that the device is quite a versatile one, serving purposes for most welders out there. As for the steel, the welder welds from 24 gauges way up to ¼ inches. That should give you a good idea about how exactly you can use it for multiple types of materials.

Dual Wielding

Similar to the Hobart Handler 125 welding machine, the 140 is also capable of welding in both MIG and flux-cored systems. The transition process is pretty smooth and doesn’t require a lot of effort. It can be switched from one method to the other just by flicking a switch on the device, and you are good to go.

Excellent Wire Feeding Speed

The device offers excellent wire speed from 40 to 700 IPM, which can reach up to 740 IPM with no load. This gets your work done faster than you can do with any non-brand devices out there. Speeding up the wire feed definitely reduces the time you need for any project!

Five-Position Voltage Control

As we have mentioned earlier, the device has a 5-position voltage control system, which is a slight upgrade from the 125 welder’s 4-position system. It makes it a whole lot easier to control the voltage supply and get things done in a more regulated manner. So, you get a stable and smooth arc regardless of the welding thickness.

Useful Duty Cycle

The machine offers a 20% duty cycle at 90A, which is pretty impressive, we must say. You can easily make sure you cover up all your household maintenance jobs with this duty cycle. Plus, the machine can automatically shut itself down after a while due to the duty cycle. Then again, it will start again automatically, like how it turned off itself.

Built-in Safe Contractor

The built-in contractor is also the same as we have seen in the Hobart Handler 125 welder. It works to keep the wires cold until it is not being triggered by the device. So, unless you are pulling the trigger to start welding, the contractor will keep the wire from getting hot and prevent it from causing an accident.

10 Feet MIG Gun Cable

It’s always great to have a long cable to work with. Hobart Handler 140 welder surprised us with a 10 feet long cable of the MIG gun, making it pretty smooth for you to move around without the need for relocating the device.

Self-Reset Mechanism

We can’t help but get really impressed by the fact that the device has a self-reset mechanism in the case of the machine getting overheated. In such a situation, the welder will turn itself off to let it cool down and start again when it’s okay to run. In this technique, the motor is also protected from any damage.


Weighing just below 60 pounds, the Hobart Handler 140 is also quite lightweight and pretty compact as the 125. You can easily lift it up with the pop-up handle and place it anywhere you want by using just one hand. It won’t ask for much effort and doesn’t cause any fatigue on your hands or arms.

Straight Learning Curve

The best part is, the Hobart Handler 140 is a simple machine to use. It won’t take even an hour to get hold of this device. With its detailed user manual’s help, you can pick up your working speed rather quickly.

Advantages of Hobart Handler 140 Welder

  • Lightweight device for easy carrying capacity
  • Built-in contractor keeps the wire temperature cold for ensuring safety
  • Easy setup process lets you use the machine right out of the pack
  • It can be used as both MIG and Flux-cored welder
  • Five-position voltage control system for ultimate regulation on voltage
  • Motor damage and overheating protection system
  • Excellent duty cycle
  • Self-turn-off and self-start feature for the safety of the device
  • It can be used to weld on different types of materials, from steel to aluminum

Disadvantages of Hobart Handler 140 Welder

  • Lower voltage output won’t fit commercial use
  • For MIG welding, you need extra appliances and kits
  • Doesn’t come with a DC power support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hobart Handler 140 A good welder?

Hobart Handler 140 is an excellent welder with 140Amp output. It offers a 20% duty cycle with impressive user-friendliness. It’s definitely one of the best out there.

How much does a Hobart 140 weigh?

A Hobart Handler 140 weighs only 57 pounds

Can a Hobart 140 weld aluminum?

If you are using the correct shielding wire and gas, the Hobart handler 140 can weld aluminum pretty easily.

Final Words

If you are still here reading this piece, you can probably decide for yourself which one you should go for. However, to us, the battle of Hobart Handler 125 vs 140 is kind of a tie, with both devices serving the same user differently.

Hobart 125 welder is a beginner-level welder that every novice welder will find quite user-friendly. However, it is still capable of getting some serious projects done, even if you are working on a household repair and maintenance task.

On the other hand, Hobart Handler 140 is somewhat for intermediate users who need more control over the device. Its 5-position voltage control option tells it quite clearly.

Apart from these simple differences, both the devices are pretty much similar and work excellently for any welder from beginner to expert. Depending on your budget, you can easily pick any of the two!

Happy Welding!

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