Best Reboot Welder Review 2022 (Top 6 Picks)

Last Updated -02 March 2022

Welders are commonly used in the repair or creating products of metals. But nowadays, reboot welders are gaining popularity because of advanced PWM technology and the latest IGBT power module. There are so many models of reboot welders available in the market. Which type of reboot welder should you buy?

A reboot welder is an advanced machine that can make your welding job buttery smooth. Therefore, when you are going to get one, make sure your welder is the best within your price range.

But before buying one, you should see the reboot welder review. Get a grasp of some crucial factors like welding wire, accessories cost, metal types, Amps while getting one.

1-Minute Quick Review

Look at the below 1-minute overview to learn about the best features of the reboot welder at a glance.

  • Editor’s Choice: Reboot MIG Welder MIG200DP

“With its latest technology and smooth operating functions, the Reboot MIG Welder MIG200DP is ready to serve you.”

  • Best Beginner-Friendly Welder: Reboot MIG Welder – MIG130

“It’s lightweight, portable, and comes with easy-to-use features that make the Reboot MIG130 Welder ideal for beginners.

  • Best Welder For DIY Projects: Reboot MIG Welder – RBM1300

“If you need a welder for your DIY projects, the Reboot MIG RBM1300 is your best partner.”

  • Best Versatile Welder: Reboot Plasma Cutter Machine – RBC-500D

“It’s the best deal at low cost with versatile features for you.”

  • Best Digital Welder: Reboot TIG Welder – 200 AC/DC

“This welder can cut metals smoothly with strong overheating protection.” 

  • Best Budget-Friendly Welder: Reboot Welder ARC-140

“It’s a lightweight and compact size welder. You can move around with it easily. Plus, the Reboot Welder ARC is one of the budget-friendly welders in the market.”

Top 6 Reboot Welder Reviews 2022

Here’s a rundown of the most converted Reboot Welders you can buy in the market. Take a look and make your pick today.

1. Reboot Aluminum Mig Welder (5 in 1) 200AMP


Special Features

  • 5 in 1 Welder
  • 2T/4T Pulse DSP Control
  • Automatic welding parameter
  • Weight, ‎35.5 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty.

The reboot MIG welder -MIG200DP comes with the latest technology to date. It has a DSP control system that means you can easily control the welding process as well as maintain stable arc length. The control system ensures smooth wire feeding.

Another unique function you will notice is the double pulse function. That means the welder can make a beautiful weld with little welding spatter. So, you don’t need to be tense about the looks on the surface.

This type of welding is best on aluminum surfaces. It has a built welding database so that it can recognize the welding surface and match the surface you are welding with standard parameter combinations.

Therefore, the machine can easily adjust the parameters with its unified mode. It can maintain perfect thermal conductivity with the help of a four-step function. After the arc is done, you will notice a pretty good quality welding.

On top of that, it has 2T and 4T modes that are designed to adjust gas flow while welding. Double-tap will extinguish the arc and the conductivity. You can easily use it to weld carbon steel, mild steel, and other metals.


  • No batteries are required to run
  • 2T and 4T modes can easily handle gas supply
  • Ensure stable arc length
  • Smooth wire feeding
  • Best for welding aluminum
  • Automatic welding parameter
  • Good thermal conductivity


  • No cordless options
  • Can’t be used on stainless steel

2. Reboot MIG Welder -MIG130(Newbie Welder)


Special Features

  • 3 in 1 Flux Core/Solid Wire 
  • Cord Length, 16 Feet
  • MIG/Stick/TIG Welder 
  • Weight, ‎20.2 pounds
  • 3-year limited warranty

Are you looking for a budget reboot welder? This reboot MIG welder is the best choice within the price range!

Even if you are new at this job, you can efficiently operate this reboot MIG welder. Firstly, the weight won’t be a matter of concern while carrying it. That’s because it weighs only 20 pounds and is small in size.

It does not have a high-frequency TIG mode. So, you can learn quickly without any high-power operations at the beginning. On top of that, the welder provides multi-process ability with gas or without gas though we prefer to start with the gas (solid wire) while you are still learning.

However, you can still use the “lift tig” option in MIG130. And the good news for you is that it can run with a generator. But the generator should be above 5000W, and a 30A breaker should always be present.

And then you get “MMA” mode which is basically for stick welding. In the MMA mode, you can adjust the current flow through the welding wire and control the arc length. You will also get accessories to switch between gas and gasless mode of welding. Along with the switch, you would also need to change the welding wires.


  • Portable because of small size
  • Applicable in both gas or gasless mode
  • Support generator
  • Stick welding is a specialty
  • Will get 3 years of warranty
  • Both flux and solid wire is compatible
  • Best for carbon steel and mild steel metals


  • No high-frequency TIG mode
  • An external torch is needed for lift tig
  • Can’t be used over stainless steel

3. Reboot Mig Welder – RBM1300, 4 in 1 IGBT Inverter


Special Features

  •  4 in 1 IGBT Inverter
  • Cord Length, 16 Feet
  • ‎MIG/Stick/Lift TIG
  • Weight, ‎21 pounds
  • Pattern, ‎RBM1300
  • Flux Cored Wire(FCAW)

Looking for a reboot welder for your DIY project with a low budget? Then the reboot MIG welder-RBM1300 is your guy!

It’s compact with tons of features that will come in handy for you. As a DIY user, you can easily set the welding parameters on the RBM1300 and get your perfect welding.

However, there’s a limit for flux core wire in this welder. You can only use 2.2lb wires while welding carbon steel without gas, although both gas and gasless options are available on the machine.

And for the solid wire, you can only use 2lb with the gas. This type of limitation is formed to precise your handwork with much delicacy. You can weld above 0.8mm over your workpiece with solid wires.

However, the lift TIG mode is optional in the RBM1300 model. If you want to use the lift TIG, you will have to buy a separate tig torch. But we suggest not to do that. Heavy work won’t suit this welder rather than the DIY projects or small houses works.

You can use this welder for maintenance, metal fabrication, repair, etc. It does not make much noise and uses comparatively less energy to operate.


  • Perform carbon steel welding without gas
  • Portable
  • Support both gas and gasless welding
  • Best for DIY users
  • Ensure environment protection and energy conservation
  • Frequency level is beyond the audio range
  • Included Accessories for switching gas to gasless or vice versa


  • Weight is a bit higher than other models
  • Gas only works with 2lb solid wires
  • Extra TIG torch is needed

4. Reboot Plasma Cutter Machine-RBC-5000D


Special Features

  • Low cost with wide applications
  • Generator support
  • Cord Length, 5 Feet
  • ‎Dust Cycle Percentage
  • Components, ‎PT31 Plasma Torch
  • Item Weight, 21.6 pounds

The reboot plasma cutter-RBC-5000D is well known for its versatile operation. It’s applicable for cutting most metals, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, etc. 

You can use the plasma cutter for your automotive work, manufacturing, metal processing in your garage or big corporations, ducting work, etc. It can easily use 2/5 inches severance cutting when the power is under 110 to 120V. You can also get 3/4 inches severance cutting and half an inch’s ideal clean cutting when the power exceeds 220 to 240V. 

The machine will roughly be stressed when you build a safety cage for your car. Another good news is that it can support the generator perfectly. The blowing back time is 3 seconds which is enough to cool down the torch head. 

The automatic dual-frequency will allow you to work within the voltage range. With the 5 meters cord, you can efficiently work while moving to cut in several positions. 


  • Low cost with wide applications
  • Useful to cut stainless steel
  • Widely used in manufacturing work
  • Generator support
  • Cooling feature for the torch
  • Automatic dual frequency


  • No cordless option is available
  • Customers report some torch attachment issues

5.‎ Adjustable Reboot TIG Welder-200 AC/DC


Special Features

  • Cord Length, 5.7 Feet
  • 2T/4T (TIG)-determines control
  • TIG Aluminum Welder-10-200AMP
  • 3 year’s warranty provided
  • Item Weight, 29.8 pounds

The reboot TIG welder is a digital welding device used in AC and DC modes. In simple words, you will get 2 in 1 combo machine. It can smoothly cut metals like stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, and whatnot. 

You can efficiently perform MMA and TIG welding when the current is 200A. In the TIG, you will have two operation modes: 2T and 4T. These modes will help you to operate in high-frequency ignition and low current. 

In 4T mode, you can reduce the current flow while working with mild steel or vulnerable ones. The current output can be altered from 10 to 200 AMPs for more precise welding of thinner gauge materials. However, you would need to use two breakers – 30A for high voltage and 50A for low voltage. 

The price is a bit higher because the machine uses argon-an inert gas, to weld all metals. But you won’t need any of those gasses while performing MMA welding. 


  • Can be used on both AC and DC
  • Applicable to cut stainless steel and others
  • 2T and 4T modes can control current flow
  • Provides overheat protection
  • Supports MMA and stick welding
  • Footswitch improves work efficiency


  • Costlier than other models
  • Heavy to port anywhere
  • No cordless option is available

6. Reboot ARC 140 Welder 110V/220V


Special Features

  • Power Source,‎ Ac
  • Cord Length, 16 Feet
  • Plug Format, ‎B-US style with ground plug.
  • Item Weight, 12.1 pounds
  • Material, ‎Stainless Steel

The ARC-140 reboot welder is one of the finest welders you will find in the market within the price range. It is light and easy to carry anywhere. The ARC function is so powerful that the welder rods of 2.5mm to 3.2mm can easily weld up to 10mm on a carbon steel surface. 

ARC force and hot start increase and adjust the arc current while performing. The ARC force can lower the current when necessary to decrease the possibility of breaking the welding rod. 

Another essential feature is VRD protection. It means you will get electric shock protection and no head loss. On top of that, it can reduce the output voltage below 15V automatically. 

You can weld on stainless steel using lift TIG mode with argon gas. However, there’s no TIG torch included. There are also synthetic voltage and current control modes that allow control of both current and voltage. 


  • Lightweight and small
  • Easy conversion line (from 110V to 220V)
  • Can control the voltage and current change automatically
  • Hot start to adjust the arc current
  • Provide VRD protection
  • Contain lift-TIG mode
  • Can weld up to 10mm


  • Don’t provide a TIG torch
  • No manual control

Buying Guide for Reboot Welder

When you are going to buy a reboot welder, you need to consider some facts and look into them closely.

Welding Wire Type

It’s crucial to know the welding wire type before buying a reboot welder. Though most of the reboot welders support both MIG and flux core wires, you can’t just use both simultaneously or alternatively within a short period.

At first, you have to decide your work type and then buy the accessories related to solid or flux wire. However, it won’t be harmful to use two kinds of wires alternatively when you acquire good hands in welding.


Of course, it’s necessary to consider the current and voltage compatibility before buying a reboot welder. However, it can adjust the current manually and with the latest version automatically.

Always consider the load voltage, input-output current, voltage adjustment range, and input power voltage. The efficiency of your welder depends on them.

Working Metals

The working surface is crucial, especially when you are working with metals. Welding can be done over aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, and many other steel variants. Your reboot welder can’t be compatible with all types of surfaces.

Therefore, you have to decide on your working surface and buy the correct model. For example, you can’t use the reboot MIG welder-RBM1300 for extreme use rather than housework.

Cost Of the Welder

Many reboot welders in the market are costlier than normal ones because of their latest specs. You can’t just go and buy a $500 welder just for your DIY project.

Ensure your field of work first and then buy the welder worth your money. And don’t forget the cost of accessories that you will have to buy separately.


Your reboot welder should have all the features you need. Ensure your welder has lift TIG, DSP control, MMA, multi-process, integrated welding parameters, and other valuable features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean by a reboot welder?

A reboot welder is a smart welding device that can efficiently operate with various operating modes like gasless welding mode, lift-tig welding mode, gas welding mode, and stick welding mode. They are lightweight compared to other models in the market.

What’s best between MIG and flux core?

Gas shielded flux core shielding wires are better compared to MIG wires. That’s because the flux coating helps to solidify the molten pretty quickly. On top of that, the flux core doesn’t need any external gas tank because of the self-portable mechanism.

Are reboot welders practical enough?

According to experts and hobbyists, the reboot welders are useful and worth enough for your work. The latest technology helps you control voltage current with several modes based on your expertise. You can carry a reboot welder anywhere because of less weight. The gas and gasless options increase your compatibility at work.

Which welder is suitable for a newbie?

As a newbie, you can start with a MIG welder. That’s because a MIG welder has electrodes on a spool to adjust the speed of the welding gun. So, you can work without any worries. This welder uses gas metal arc welding that is easy to handle and quick to learn the operations.

Final Words

The reboot MIG welder is best for aluminum bodies and has 5 in 1 feature. It has a four-step function that is pretty suitable for good metal welding. The reboot MIG welder flux core is perfect for a newbie because of the direct lift TIG and MMA modes. You can easily adjust the current with it. The reboot MIG welder RBM-1300 has four modes to operate the welding suitably.

Hopefully, our reboot welder review will be helpful to you. We tried to discuss the most common and famous reboot welder in the market. You can choose one of those, and we can ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Weld carefully!

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